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Breathe life into your Xoom

A few months ago I bought a Xoom and have mostly been disappointed with it. I use it mainly for internet, which is slow on the tablet plus the interface and keyboard are laggy. There are other problems as well, like the “recent apps” button that doesn’t remember certain apps like the browser and I’ve found if you leave the device on for more than about a day applications start to behave oddly.

I’ve been thinking hard about selling it because I didn’t think that rooting it and installing a tweaked ROM was going to be enough to fix it. I decided to try anyway with the new Android 4 (ICS) release. It only took about five minutes using the Xoom with ICS to realize how wrong I was and how good Android 4 is for the Xoom. Everything is better.

Android 4 (ICS)

As usual with hacking all things mobile, you will be heading over to XDA if you want your Xoom to behave like it should. I’m writing a quick tutorial here since the information is pretty spread out on XDA. I had a couple issues that had me searching through pages of threads, so this is what worked for me. › Continue reading

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