DIY Router table

I made my own router table because, as usual, what is affordable and available in stores is lame and insufficient for my needs. I don’t really want to spend something like $500 just for a good router table so I made one. I also made my own adapter instead of buying one by re-purposing the fixed base I already had.

Router Table

I made the base out of 2x4s and Simpson strong-ties. The corner ties are about $5 a piece or you can use two cheaper¬†“Z-MAX” connectors. The top is 3/4 MDF. You can buy adapter plates for various router brands, or just make one like I did from 1/4″ acrylic that replaced the acrylic bottom piece of my fixed-base router. Use your router to cut a hole in the MDF and then use a rabbeting bit to create the countersunk part the acrylic base fits in.¬† Remember to seal the MDF top with a clear sealer or something similar so the MDF doesn’t expand.

Router Mount

It works great, it’s way better than the $99 hardware store special, and I can use it for workspace in my shop instead of taking it up like a bench-top router table would. When I’m not using it I just lower the router and I have another table to work on.


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6 Comments to DIY Router table

  • Dana says:

    Hi there… what are the overall dimensions of the top of your router table? It looks to be around 3′ deep by 4′ wide.

  • imsolidstate says:

    It’s 3′ wide, and 2′ deep.

  • Clif P says:

    Hi, I was wondering what thickness acrylic sheeting you used to fashion your template.

    VERY nice design, BTW. On not only this but all of your other tinkerings too. Consider this eApplause.

  • kenneth says:

    what is the thickness of your plexiglas?

  • Steve says:

    Great table! I’m new to routing so my question is how do you cut out the hole in the mdf so neatly?

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